20 years experience as lawyers, hoteliers, tour guides.

Joseph Katzakian
California native. He is a bilingual, licensed attorney in the state of California, and has been living part time in mexico since 1998. He is extremely knowledgable about Mexico and the options that are available and most attractive to US/Canadian expatriates
Maria Rodriguez
Mexican native, bilingual small business owner who has worked in the hotel and restaurant sector for 20 years, and has extensive experience in the legal and procedural processes for foreigners to obtain services in Mexico.

Horacio Rodriguez
Mexican native; he is a licensed attorney in Mexico, with extensive experience handling the Mexican procedures regarding expatriation
Cesar Campia
Bilingual Mexican native who has led tours in Mexico for many years.

All of our team members have extensive knowledge about the regions and areas that are of greatest interest to the potential expatriate. Don’t waste your time chasing false leads or relying on the casual advice of people who do not have a full idea of the variety of options that Mexico offers the expatriate. We have dedicated our business to helping people get over the hurdles that can seem challenging. When you have the best professional help available to you, your move to Mexico will become very realistic and MUCH easier to accomplish.